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The Four Cs of Good Marketing Data: Capture, Code, Clean, Connect

The Four Cs of Good Marketing DataIf you want to double the value of your marketing data, there are  four key processes you will want to optimize: 1) capturing leads and  prospect data, 2) coding effectively, 3) cleaning and organizing your  data, and 4) connecting with prospects regularly. Within this overall  framework, your selling cycle, marketing strategy and marketing  processes should guide every step in your marketing data management  process.

  • What kinds of leads should you target?
  • What do you need to know about those leads?
  • What will you do with leads after you generate them? email newsletters? direct mail campaigns? telemarketing?
  • What systems and software will you be using to manage the data?

Each marketing decision significantly impacts the data fields you  will need to successfully implement your marketing plan.  If you take a  little time to understand what information your sales and marketing team  will need throughout the prospecting and selling cycles, the marketing  data management system you develop will be much more effective.