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25 Years of Doing What I Love

Twenty-seven years ago my greatest dream in life fell apart. A book called “Wishcraft” by Barbara Sher helped me recover and thrive. I had accidentally purchased the book a few years earlier in high school.  We were studying “The Crucible” and I misread the title as “Witchcraft.” Little did I know that the book was …

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Craigslist Jobs: How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Craigslist Jobs: How to Stand Out

Recently my company posted a freelance project on Craig’s List. It’s not a very exciting opportunity – just basic data entry work 5-10 hours per week. The work is simple, repetitive and the pay isn’t great, but to compensate we are allowing a totally flexible work option. The person must be local because we need …

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Save Angel Investing from Congress!

I don’t usually get involved in politics. But this week, Christopher Dodd and Congress have targeted technology start-ups for annihilation by regulation so I’m asking you to join me in taking action to stop legislation that will be devastating for early stage tech companies like mine. Hidden in the big banking regulation & bail out …

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Golden Hedgehog Award

Last week at my day job I was awarded the company’s first Golden Hedgehog award for outstanding excellence in sales and marketing. It came with a cool foot-high lucite trophy and a gift certificate to yummy Morton’s. OK, I know it sounds pretty silly, but I was really touched. (A second Golden Hedgehog was awarded …

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