Great Enthusiasms

Building the B2B Revenue Engine

Much of my work is focused on accelerating marketing, sales, and customer success with innovative product strategies and marketing technologies to build scalable B2B revenue engines. 

Here is my approach to driving growth.

It starts with the target market


Target Markets – Where can we win?

Personas – Whom do we serve?

Value Propositions – What gains can we deliver?

Customers 2

Clarify who we are and what we believe


Our Why – What motivates us to serve?

Our Values – What is important to our team?

Our Voice – What we say and how we say it

Our Identity – How do we signal who we are?

Our Tribe – Who are our true fans?


Plan how we engage


Product – What products and features serve our customers?

Price – How can we align price with value to protect margins?

Place – How, where and with whom can we sell?

Promotion – Where and how shall we find our tribe?


Marketing Strategy
Customer Journey

Build strong relationships

Craft the 
Customer Journey

Awareness -> Consideration -> Purchase -> Success ->Loyalty

How do we plan, personalize and optimize each customer’s interaction with our content, our products, our services and our team to deliver a cohesive, compelling experience?

Fill the funnel with the right people

Inbound + Outbound

Build Awareness – Which inbound channels are most effective for our products

Educate and Inform – What content strategies and messages engage the right prospects and repel the wrong ones?

Influence Preferences – What tools will help our sales team convert more leads to opportunities and closed won sales?

Drive Action – How do we drive more engagement and encourage positive patterns of action within our community?

Land and expand at the right accounts

Engage the right accounts

Lasting Value– How can we look beyond firmographics and demographics to precisely target accounts where we can effectively deliver lasting value and business impact? 

Finding Fit – What key company and functional role factors trigger the optimal buying demand?

Strategic Expansion – How do we understand each account’s unique decision processes and ensure appropriate engagement with all key purchase decision stakeholders and customer loyalty influencers?

Marketing Strategy Target
Sales Enablement Tools

Deepen relationships and build trust

Sales Enablement

Adaptable Content – What customizable content is needed at each stage of the sales funnel and how do  we make it readily available?

Actionable Intelligence – What market, competitive and product information is important to help our sales teams succeed?

Process Optimization  – How do we help sales optimize and automate top of funnel selling processes for optimal efficiency and data capture while minimizing scut work?

Modern Tools – What new sales and marketing technologies can cost effectively help our team increase meaningful conversations with the right prospects? How do we ensure reps are appropriately trained to use and succeed with our technology investments?