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Puffs – Play Info

Here’s the latest info about our production of Puffs! Questions? Call Katherine Chalmers at (571) 286-6476.


Meeting Times – Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30. Fridays as individually scheduled

Get the Zoom login info and see the latest rehearsal notes. (password required)

Puffs – One-Act Version for Young Wizards

The play puffs is a delightfully funny retelling of the Harry Potter story from the perspective of some hapless Hufflepuffs. It’s one of our family’s favorite plays, which we saw both off-off-Broadway and off-Broadway a few years ago.

After considering the production schedule, we realized the slightly shorter one-act version of the play might work better than the two-act version. If there are any scenes from the full version that the kids really, really want to add back in, we can adapt as needed. (The young wizards’ version eliminates risqué jokes from the original)

The script is available on Amazon here:

Our Directors

Lily Lord – Lily is a musical theater major from Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Isabelle Centola a rising college student with quite a bit of experience participating in drama programs.

Over the next eight weeks they will lead a 2-3 online sessions per week via Zoom to help the cast prepare for their performance. The first few sessions will be acting techniques and ice breakers, then we’ll finalize the casting and begin work on the play. If we decide to do a live performance, we’ll schedule a few in-person rehearsals.


The play was originally staged as if most of the costumes and props were found in someone’s grandmother’s attic. It creates a really funny experience and we should be able to find almost everything we need around our collective houses.  We parents can coordinate on the costumes – most are regular clothes, the school robes can be ordered from Party City or Amazon. There a couple that might need to be sewn up, which I can do.

Performance Venue (Probably Zoom)

Our original plan was to find an outdoor venue at a park or set up a stage in our neighborhood to perform the play for friends, families and neighbors. Given the latest virus news, it’s looking more likely that we might have to film the performances via Zoom instead of doing a live performance. We could probably still plan a socially distanced potluck/cook-out to watch a screening of the video instead of the live performance. I should be able to borrow a web camera from work that automatically focuses and pans as the video conference participant moves around the room so even if we’re filming on Zoom, it could be pretty dynamic. Logistically, this might even be a bit easier and we could add some cool effects that would be more difficult live. 

Costs to Participate

I’m trying to keep the costs for the production pretty lean. Here’s what each participant should budget

$10 – Scripts are available via Amazon or Concord Theatricals (formerly Samuel French) We’re doing the Puffs One-act for Young Wizards version of the play.

$10 – Shirts – it would be really fun to have a t-shirt for the production done up at Custom Ink but not absolutely necessary

$35 – Hufflepuff robe/costume available from Amazon or Party City (currently on sale for $20). Deluxe ones are $108. If you already have a Griffyndor Harry Potter costume, that’s totally fine. We can print a Hufflepuff crest for it.

$40 (optional)- to go toward the cost of paying the directors (I’m covering most of this and the license for the play. (Donations are welcome but not necessary.)

$0-50 – wands – there’s a great YouTube video tutorial for making your own wand from construction paper, a hot glue gun and paint or official Harry Potter collector wands can be ordered online. I’ll post some links soon.

Assorted household items – we’ll need to collectively source props. We probably can find everything in everyone’s basement or garage but might need a trip to Goodwill.