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The FTC requires bloggers and online publishers to disclose remuneration and/or goodies they receive from advertisers, sponsors, and providers of the products and services they write about.

This is my personal blog and the primary focus is sharing information about things I find interesting. I do not select any websites, products, services, or events solely due to promotional or other vendor enticements, however, I do take advantage of affiliate programs and referral programs when they are available for the products and services I think are cool (if the affiliate programs aren’t too much trouble to set up). This helps me defray the costs of sending the email updates and hosting the site. Affiliate links are denoted with * for easy identification.

So, whenever you see a product, service, or event mentioned on the website or in one of the newsletters, you should assume any or all of the following remunerations may be associated with them. (Thanks to Louis Gray and artist Jeannine Schafer for the cute disclosure notice images.)


FTP Disclosures: writer got paid
FTP Disclosure: writer got a book
FTP Disclosures: writer got some gadgets
FTP Disclosure: writer got schwag bag
FTP Disclosure: writer got fed
FTP Disclosures: writer got stock options